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Extending RAC 11gR2 to 4th node

I put together a follow-up video to the 3-node install where I add a 4th node of RAC 11gR2 in VMWare successfully, including extending the database to a total 4 instances.

In less than 10 minutes of video, you will see the cloning of the Grid Infrastructure 11gR2 home, cloning of the Database 11gR2 home, and creation of a 4th instance all running in VMWare. has changed slightly; it no longer seems to allow an interactive Oracle Universal Installer (OUI) run.

I hope you enjoy this video!

Install Oracle RAC 11g R2 in VMWare – 3 nodes

I have just put together some videos to demonstrate installing Oracle RAC 11g R2 successfully in VMWare, simulating 3 separate nodes. I will be adding a 4th node in VMWare to demonstrate how to add (and later remove) nodes and RAC instances in open databases.

These videos show how viable it can be to use VMWare to build a test RAC enviroment, even with the latest version, 11g R2, despite the system requirements espoused by Oracle. I take great pains to build the VMs and prep them for installation success, and I will later document all these processes and possibly create videos of the process too.

Please enjoy and let me know what you think!

Video 1 shows Grid Infrastructure installing on 3 VMWare nodes
Video 2 was destroyed when Camtasia decided to crash and leave no temp files behind; it was the installation of 11g R2 Database in RAC
Video 3 shows DBCA starting up
Video 4 shows 3 instances of the RAC database up and kicking

Flashing and blinking bug in Oracle Universal Installer Database 11gR2

The latest release of Oracle Database came with an overhaul of the Oracle Universal Installer GUI.  There is a strange interaction between gnome and the OUI (runInstaller) that causes the screen to flash uncontrollably and not resize properly when the screen resolution is 800×600 and gnome is configured as per defaults of RedHat Enterprise Linux and Oracle Enterprise Linux, which consumes a few pixels on top and bottom reducing overall screen space to under 600 pixels tall.

This video was produced while sitting on a flight from YVR (Vancouver) to YOW (Ottawa), in seat 1A in J (Exec/First) class.  I had food over my MacBook Pro, and it’s a wonder the built-in microphone picked up anything.  I demonstrate this via a VNC connection in response to a question posted on Oracle forums regarding using VNC to install.  It is not VNC that is at fault; it is the lack of screen realestate that causes Oracle to blink and flash, and ultimately fail to visibly draw the “Next” button (although the ALT-N key combo still works)

Note that Oracle specifies a minimum of 1024×768 resolution for 11gR2 installation.  See documentation here.

Oracle 11gR2 Real Application Cluster (RAC) installation on VMWare Fusion and OS X 10.6 Snow Leopard

I put together a video on a recent flight (September 11, 2009) from Toronto to Vancouver while killing time.  I just happened to have all the distribution downloaded and ready to install, so I whipped up a few Virtual Machines, iSCSI based shared storage (No, I don’t use openfiler; rolled my own iSCSI Enterprise Target (iet) based VM), and Oracle Enterprise Linux (OEL 5.2).

I messed up the NTP configuration, so the during the Grid Infrastructure install failed.  My intention is to build up a demo environment to show off all the features of 11gR2 as best as possible, all in Virtual Machines so that you can simulate the same educational environment on your own poor-man’s-garage-cluster. =)

I’ll whip up some documentation and procedures some time next week if there’s any interest from the community.  If no interest is expressed, I shall just keep my own notes for personal purposes and publish tidbits that might mean very little to others, so let me know (via comments or otherwise) what you think, and what you’d like to see.

Host machine: MacBook Pro (my portable lab) with 4GB of ram and built-in HD for all VM storage; VMWare Fusion 2.0.5; 2 Nodes attempted with Grid Infrastructure (ASM and Oracle Clusterware components).

Snow Leopard OS X 10.6 Does not upload videos to youtube

For some reason all the browsers I use on OS X Snow Leopard (Camino, Firefox, Safari) cannot upload to YouTube.  Leopard 10.5 works fine, as does Windows XP/Vista/7.  At first I thought it might be browser or flash plugin related, but I’ve tried installing fresh flash plugins and updating the browsers to no avail.  This is putting a kink in my video uploading to see what uptake the IT community (specifically Oracle) has to demo videos of new features and administrative tasks.

YouTube not allowing uploads from Snow Leopard screenshot of bug

YouTube not allowing uploads from Snow Leopard screenshot of bug

Completely new to blogging

This represents my first blog entry on my site,  As a a complete newbie to both reading and writing blogs, hopefully my writing and publishing skills improve with time.  In the meantime the purpose of this blog is to serve as a dumping zone for ideas, concepts, and ultimately whitepapers and tutorials that are targeted at the IT professional.  As I get older, I find I’m forgetting details more and more, and documenting them in a way I can find later is essential.  I figure I might as well make it public too. =)

Hope you enjoy reading.  I hope to keep this place flame-free… if it’s useful then I’m glad I could help!