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Thinking like an OCM 11g

I’ve been slowly editing and putting up videos that outline my 2 day cram spree before an OCM 11g Exam. Unfortunately, because of an Oracle administrative error, I was denied seating in the exam. So, since I’ve signed no NDAs, and since I’ve seen no material… this is a perfect time for me to get [...]

Install Hadoop (CDH4) on 5 nodes with VMWare, CDH4, Cloudera Manager 4

Bored one evening after class, I decided to play with CDH4 and Cloudera Manager on the release date of June 5, 2012. This video is the result of my install attempt, which could be used as a quick tutorial of how to create a 5-node hadoop cluster based on Cloudera CDH4 using Cloudera Manager on [...]

Happy Canada Day Boxing Day

Ok, a day late with this one… recorded a bunch of tracks yesterday (Canada Day, July 1 2010) and edited down to this rather interesting video. Yes, way off topic… have also recorded a bunch of segments on VMWare, and in 2 weeks will put together some slides/animations to explain virtual networking in VMWare. ┬áMay [...]

Oracle completes acquisition of Sun – Analysis of ZFS vs ASM vs Clusterware vs Sun Solaris Cluster

I quickly viewed all the webcasts that were available today and from what I can see, Oracle Grid Infrastructure is here to stay along with Oracle VM, and I guess Sun Cluster (Solaris Cluster) goes into legacy mode. No mention of ZFS, but enough mention of ASM that I suspect pieces of ZFS algorithms will [...]

More than one database in a single RAC cluster

This is a video demonstrating the creation of a second database of 2 instances in an Oracle RAC of 4 nodes, coexisting with a pre-existing 4-instance database. I created this video to demonstrate an answer in response to a forum question: