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Category Archives: 11gR2

Oracle RAC 11g R2 Install How-To in VMWare and iSCSI

How to install Oracle RAC 11g R2 Release 2 in VMWare Fusion with SCAN and GNS functionality using iSCSI for shared storage

Removing an inaccessible or destroyed node from Oracle RAC 11gR2

What do you do if you lose a node in a RAC as a result of destruction, theft, or other unrecoverable error? How do we clean up the existing cluster so the inaccessible node is removed permanently from Oracle Clusterware and Oracle RAC Databases? I demonstrate the current process with 11gR2, which now has many [...]

Extending RAC 11gR2 to 4th node

I put together a follow-up video to the 3-node install where I add a 4th node of RAC 11gR2 in VMWare successfully, including extending the database to a total 4 instances. In less than 10 minutes of video, you will see the cloning of the Grid Infrastructure 11gR2 home, cloning of the Database 11gR2 home, [...]

Install Oracle RAC 11g R2 in VMWare – 3 nodes

I have just put together some videos to demonstrate installing Oracle RAC 11g R2 successfully in VMWare, simulating 3 separate nodes. I will be adding a 4th node in VMWare to demonstrate how to add (and later remove) nodes and RAC instances in open databases. These videos show how viable it can be to use [...]

Flashing and blinking bug in Oracle Universal Installer Database 11gR2

The latest release of Oracle Database came with an overhaul of the Oracle Universal Installer GUI.  There is a strange interaction between gnome and the OUI (runInstaller) that causes the screen to flash uncontrollably and not resize properly when the screen resolution is 800×600 and gnome is configured as per defaults of RedHat Enterprise Linux [...]

Oracle 11gR2 Real Application Cluster (RAC) installation on VMWare Fusion and OS X 10.6 Snow Leopard

I put together a video on a recent flight (September 11, 2009) from Toronto to Vancouver while killing time.  I just happened to have all the distribution downloaded and ready to install, so I whipped up a few Virtual Machines, iSCSI based shared storage (No, I don’t use openfiler; rolled my own iSCSI Enterprise [...]