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Category Archives: Blogging

Canadian Hoser – Olympic Theme

I recorded some tracks on hose playing the piece well known as the olympic theme music/fanfare. I’d have to say that Vancouver 2010 is starting to show it’s face, and this is not a positive or negative comment… it was just a fun project for an afternoon with some garden hose. I was really really [...]

Thoughts about future video projects

I would like to do the following as time permits: Demonstrate installation of Solaris Cluster (formerlly Sun Cluster) 3.2 using VMWare and iSCSI Demonstrate Solaris Cluster + Oracle CRS Clusterware for RAC Demonstrate Solaris Cluster + Zone Clusters + Oracle RAC Demonstrate ADVM + ACFS to give applications high availability (I think MySQL would be [...]

Completely new to blogging

This represents my first blog entry on my site,  As a a complete newbie to both reading and writing blogs, hopefully my writing and publishing skills improve with time.  In the meantime the purpose of this blog is to serve as a dumping zone for ideas, concepts, and ultimately whitepapers and tutorials that are [...]