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Thinking like an OCM 11g

I’ve been slowly editing and putting up videos that outline my 2 day cram spree before an OCM 11g Exam. Unfortunately, because of an Oracle administrative error, I was denied seating in the exam. So, since I’ve signed no NDAs, and since I’ve seen no material… this is a perfect time for me to get as much online as possible before I forget.

I may never find the balls to register again for the exam, unless you all want to donate to see how close my prep really is.

The videos will be free, so long as attribution back to me is given. Kudos would be nice, etc…  I intend to complete the youtube playlist with videos that cover every objective published by Oracle for the OCM 11g exam.  I make no guarantees you’ll pass with this, but it’s still fun for me! =)

The playlist is here:







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